• Orinoco: I'm Not Gonna Dress it Up
  • Mushu: (Laughing)
  • Orinoco: Childrens are Dumb
  • Timon: Ha
  • Orinoco: Really Dumb, You don't get it! They're fatting us up to eat us!
  • Donald Duck: Hey Corn
  • Various Pingu Characters: Corn
  • Baron Greenback: See You Later Orinoco
  • Narrator: Academy-Award Winning Producer of Orinoco
  • Kuzco: We Came to this Farm, for my favourite presidential tradtion
  • Orinoco: (Scream)
  • Kuzco: Pardon of a Thanksgiving Womble
  • Narrator: From the director of Baloo Hears a Children!
  • Zelda: Don't Worry Your Safe I'm Tired Now, This is Your New Home
  • Orinoco: Pizza
  • Paddington Bear: Hello, soldier. Whatever you do, do not make a sound.
  • Orinoco: Aah!
  • Paddington Bear: You've been recruited for a top secret mission.
  • Orinoco: What are you talking about?
  • Paddington Bear: We're going back in time to the first Thanksgiving to get characters off the menu!
  • Orinoco: Who are you talking to?
  • Paddington Bear: This guy, right here. He totally gets it. Look. See how he's nodding? A map!
  • Orinoco: They aren't gonna just write "Time machine" on the... Of course, they are.
  • Penguins March: Control, we have a contaminant.
  • Fat Cat's gang: Copy that. What type of agent?
  • Troublesome Trucks: Orinoco, sir. How do we address it?
  • CDA: Uh... With cranberry sauce!
  • Fat Cat's Gang: But seriously?
  • Classified: Let's go!
  • Orinoco: Wait, wait, wait!
  • Classified: Take us to the first Thanksgiving. Our mission is not to save ten characters...
  • Bo Peep: Welcome to our home.
  • Classified: But all of them.
  • Bob the Minion: Ooh!
  • Nellie the Elephant: Aw. He wants you to throw up some worms into her mouth.
  • Paddington Bear: What?
  • Makunga the Lion: I will get those characters. Every last one of them!
  • Paddington Bear: Enemy approaching. You must follow me blindly!
  • Bo Peep: For the flock!
  • Woody: What's your plan for getting in?
  • Paddington: I'm going to use my incredibly toned pecks and buttocks to throw you over the wall. Go!
  • Penguins March: Funny, right?
  • Narrator: Free Childrens (Free Birds).
  • Orinoco: I'm sick of you throwing me around. You see this line? Do not come into my personal space! Did you not see the line? Because I was pretty clear..

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