Nellie is an elephant who is commonly paired with Orinoco from The Wombles. She is often seen in spoof by Disney and Sega.

She played as Jasmine in Orinoladdin, Orinoladdin 2: The Return of Baron Greenback,Orinoladdin 3: The King of Thieves and Orinoladdin (TV Series)

She played Feather Duster in Beauty and the Horstachio, Beauty and the Horstachio 2: The Enchanted Christmas and Beauty and the Horstachio 3: Angelica's Magic World

She played Adult Nala in The Womble King, The Womble King 2: Orinoco's Pride and The Womble King 1 1/2

She played Rita in Larry and Company

She played Joy in Inside Out (Disney and Sega Style)

She played Snow White in Nellie White and the Seven Childrens

She played Jane Porter in Orinoarzan

She played Tiger Lilly in Orinoco Pan

She played Megara in Orinocules

She played Maid Marian in Orinoco Hood

She played Mary Poppins in Nellie Poppins

She played Darzee's Wife in Alvin-Tikki-Tavi

She played Melissa Robinson in Orinoco Ventura Pet Detective

She played Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun in Wreck-It Muzzy

She played Esmeralda in The Horstachio of Notre Dame and The Horstachio of Notre Dame 2

She played Thumbelina in Nellina

She played Miss Birdwell in The Rescue Ranger's New Groove II: Orinoco's New Groove

She played Judy Hopps in Childrentopia

She played Soar in Soar (Disney and Sega Style)

She played Jenny in Free Childrens (Free Birds)

She played Popcorn Penny in Front Row Orinoco

She played Miss Piggy in The Children Show (The Muppet Show)

She played Sarah Whittle in Jumanji (Disney and Sega Animal Style)