Transcripts Edit

Trailer #1 Edit

  • Rastamouse: Now arriving greendale station!
  • Narrator: Get ready for the world's most being love it characters have you seen the before.
  • Red Mouse: Meow.
  • Tobermory: Oh, thanks Red Mouse. Such a lovely morning.
  • Red Mouse: Meow.
  • Narrator: In the village of Greendale Tobermory has always been.
  • Tobermory: Oh ethelred not again
  • Narrator: To complete package.
  • Paddington Bear: I wish I was a postman.
  • Red Mouse: Meow.
  • Narrator: Now their about to discover...
  • Mighty Mouse: Your the one's are dissions are coming to Greendale.
  • Narrator: That delivering post...
  • Mighty Mouse: Next. Next. Stop!
  • Narrator: Isn't have only talent...
  • Berk: Look it that, Bighead. What ever teen is on the tely.
  • Tobermory (singing): In your eyes see what the world can be
  • Mighty Mouse: I'm Mighty Mouse and you know how to deliver.
  • Klonoa: I'm going to sound of post that postman!
  • Narrator: This year.
  • Ed Bighead: Animal Villains will be taking over your postman duties.
  • Tobermory: Oh.
  • Narrator: Get ready
  • Robot: Delivery Old Woman
  • Berri: Yells
  • Narrator: For an adventure...
  • Jose Carioca: Something Funny Going around Here
  • Narrator: For the whole family.
  • Tobermory: Most imprtont thing for animal is.
  • Dr. Von Goosewing: Ruling the world.
  • Tobermory: Whoa. I was going to say be friendly.
  • Klonoa: Yeah I'm gonna stuck the lighthouse, pat. What?
  • Tobermory: Oh, muffin.
  • Narrator: Tobermory, Berk, Bungo and Klonoa
  • Ed Bighead: (Laughing)
  • Narrator: Tobermory Pat: The Movie.

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